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burnt_bride's Journal

S y n t h e t i c * D r e a m
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I'm sure you can get an idea of who I am by my interests but here it goes, The story of my life: I play guitar, collect records, and see my favorite bands play live.

a perfect circle, aclu, acoustic amps, adam jones, adaptaion, alice in chains, almost famous, angst, aqua teen hunger force, atomic bitchwax, babes in toyland, bass guitar, beaver, black eyeliner, boss pedals, brant bjork, bumrunner, burning brides, caroline rue, chris cornell, concerts, courtney love, cream, danny carey, dave grohl, david bowie, david gilmour, denali, desert sessions, ed mundell, eddie glass, electric wizard, electro-harmonix, eric erlandson, family guy, feedback, fender musicmaster, fender mustangs, fiona apple, fireworks, fleetwood mac, foo fighters, fu manchu, garbage, goatsnake, green river, grunge, guild, guitar equipment, guitars, gumby, hello kitty, hermano, hole, hype, j.d. salinger, jack off jill, jerry cantrell, jill emery, jim's steaks, jimi hendrix, john garcia, john mcbain, justin chancellor, kat bjelland, katastrophy wife, kim thayil, kittens, kristen pfaff, kurt cobain, kyuss, layne staley, lindsay buckingham, mad season, making fun of people, man's ruin, mark arm, mark lanegan, maynard james keenan, melissa auf der maur, melvins, middian, monster magnet, mother love bone, mudhoney, mxr, nebula, new york city, nick oliveri, nirvana, no doubt, noise pollution, office space, patty schemel, paz lenchantin, peach, philly, pink floyd, playing guitar, playing live, praying violently, queens of the stoneage, rebreather, record collecting, record shows, recording, records, red hair, samantha maloney, scott reeder, screaming trees, sealab 2021, seattle, seinfeld, shined, singing, sleep, sonic youth, soundgarden, space ghost, spaceboy music, starchild, stoner rock, sub pop, sunn, syd barret, the brak show, the cardigans, the fire, the hidden hand, the royal tenenbaums, the shining, the stoned age, the young werewolves, thorton wilder, thrift stores, thunderstorms, tool, unida, veruca salt, vintage, vinyl, wellwater conspiracy, wes anderson, white zombie, yob